About Us

Our standing in the community

We have a stellar reputation with notaries nationwide for prompt payment delivered on a set schedule that is among the fastest in the industry. We find prompt payment is a critical component in maintaining strong and enduring relationships with our notary partners. We get several inquiries daily from notary signing agents wanting to be added to our roster to work with us. Why? They say all the online notary related blogs and forums have posts about how great we are to work with and how promptly we pay our notaries.

Future Outlook

While historically focusing on the real estate industry, we are growing into additional sectors. Our market has no boundaries as we grow internationally with our services. The opportunity is huge, there are over 1.25 billion notarizations annually in just the U.S.   

additional sectors:


Wealth Management




Financial Services





Our Team

Chuck Haney

President, CEO & Founder

Stephanie Bradshaw

Director of Client Services

Lori Sullivan

Associate Director of Client Services

Keri Crosthwait

Associate Director of Client Services

Jessica Zogg Jones

National Account Executive